Monday, August 11, 2008

Pope's Potluck

After starting out 7-1, Blue Jays’ Jesse Litsch has gone 1-6 since the beginning of June with an Earned Run Average (ERA) of well over five. So either he is finally reaching puberty or the rumours are trueand he can’t handle it.

The Jays are also still reportedly shopping AJ Burnett around to the rest of the league. However, it is starting to look as if Burnett is a piece of bacon at a bar mitzvah . Maple Leafs Sports and Entertainment recently announced that they were giving away free tickets to a Leafs exhibition game. Either MLSE is actually trying to give back or trying to rub it in people’s faces that the Leafs will still sell out every game with a team full of minor leaguers. I’m thinking the latter.

With the Rogers Cup being played in Toronto this week, a Federer vs Nadal final is more of a guarantee then the Leafs will miss the playoffs AGAIN.

The NHL schedule recently came out to the public. And with that being the biggest story in the NHL lately, it goes to show that the NHL pre-season is about as exciting as the PGA tour without Tiger.

The New York Giants recently cleaned up at the ESPY’S on the weekend, taking home various awards. Tony Romo kept was wondering why the Cowboys didn’t win anything. That was until T.O pointed out to Romo that he brought Jessica instead of Carrie.

One year removed from the Grey Cup finals, the Winnipeg Blue Bombers have started the year 0-4 and turning to their back-up Quarterback, Ryan Dinwiddie, giving him his second career start. His first came in last years Grey Cup Final. Basically he has about as much experience as Saku Koivu does speaking French.

A Swedish newspaper recently reported that Mats Sundin had indeed agreed to play for the Canucks. Mats came out and set the record straight saying it was false, showing us we can believe European reporters about as much as we can Brett Favre.


At August 12, 2008 at 5:37 AM , Anonymous Lee said...

Hilarious post Chris. lol


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